Shindig was born because we knew there had to be a better way...

Get Freelance Work

There needs to be a better way for event professionals to find jobs that can utilize their skills.

Hire Temp Labor

There needs to be a better way for companies to find skilled craftsman and talented event professionals for their events.

What is Shindig Jobs?

Shindig Jobs helps build better events by making it easy for companies and workers to find each other. Gone are the days when you’d scour Facebook groups and CraigsList ads. Finally, you can get back to doing what you love most about events.

Creating a meeting spot for people who need help and others who can offer their services isn’t ground-breaking. It just hadn’t been done in the event industry. We should know. Between our co-founders, we’ve racked up over 65 years of event experience, worked on thousands of events, and hired hundreds of employees and contractors. Getting good help shouldn’t be so hard. 

Our Founders

“For two years, I spent hours every week looking for floral designers to create work for one of the biggest event producers in the country. I thought ‘there’s got to be an easier way.’ We created Shindig to take away the stress of finding quality people and give you more time to focus on making pretty parties.”

Sam Jacobson
“When we developed the idea of creating this new marketplace to find and hire part-time workers through Shindig, I immediately wished I could use it for myself! Needing workers for my own company is a constant battle for me since there really isn't another solution out there.”

Brian Leahy
“When I was in the hotel industry, I was always monkeying around trying to find people to help with our events. What I love about Shindig is, good help is quickly and easily searchable, which gives companies time back to really focus on what they love about their businesses.”

Katy Jacobson
“Technology permeates every corner of our modern lives. I am thrilled to bring my skills and background to the events industry as I lead the tech development of our Shindig platform. It’s wonderful to be apart of something that brings teams together to accomplish great things nationwide.”

Michael Wiese
“I love nothing more than a memorable party. I’ve gotten the chance to partner with event companies all across America the last 10 years helping with guest experiences. Being so closely involved has opened my heart to the understanding of how critical a good team is.”

Kaleigh Wiese

Who Uses Shindig?

It’s hard to produce events

When we started talking more about this with our colleagues in the event industry, it was easy to see everyone was in the same boat. Good help is (too) hard to find, and there’s no way to see who’s got the skills and who’s a rookie when it comes to experience.

Event companies need help

Companies who use Shindig are tired of spending hours every week looking for qualified help. You’re over FB groups and CraigsList ads. You’re tired of desperately looking for workers via Instagram asks. You don’t want to take any more chances on who you’re hiring.

Freelance workers want gigs

Shindig workers are freelance planners who want more work on great gigs. You’re movers who want to see a project come to life. You’re floral designers who want to get away from constant texting to find hours. You’re interested in trying something on before committing full-time.

Everyone Wants a Better Way

Shindig is leading the charge to put real-world experiences in the event industry to work for you. We’re creating a huge database of workers and companies to join our community. Hundreds have already joined, and dozens more are signing up every week.

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Where is Shindig?

Shindig Launch Map

We’re currently in seven markets across the US - and eager to get started in others. When we get enough workers and companies to sign up in a new market, we’ll open it up for everyone to search. Tell your friends and colleagues to join the community and we’ll see you all soon!

What fields of work?

Events are put together by all sorts of workers. We want to be sure everyone has a chance to find work or hire team members for every position. If you find yourself in these you’ve found the right place to join.

Food & Beverage
Photo & Video
DJ Audio/video
General Assist
General Labor
Planning & Design

Let Shindig help you build better events. Together.